Well it was a cold day in hell apparently. Zombies sometimes are the least of my teams worries what with raiders and pure anarchy sweeping a nation. When the WGON station was hit by a flock of zombies, we were forced to flee in one of the news vans. The team consists of myself, and two members of SWAT.

    Unfortunately the rest of the team was killed when the zombies stormed the station. For about three days we attempted to seek shelter. Finally on the fourth, we found an airport. It appeared to be out of commission. We noticed that the only entrances to it were four main doors, which lead inside. Zombies swarmed these. We decided to drive on. Finally, we discovered an old warehouse. There were a few zombies outside that were easily killed by plowing our van into them. Through a window we determined that the warehouse would be a suitable living quarters. However, about twenty zombies still roamed the inside.

    Armed with m16's myself and the two members of SWAT decided to storm the front door and use the element of surprise. We took out about half of them before Will (one of the SWAT members) was hurt. Though it wasn't bad he retreated to the van to nurse his wounds. Rod, the second SWAT member and me took out the remaining ten in a vicious hand to hand combat battle. We then brought the van inside and blockaded ourselves inside. There was food and weapons in the van to hold out for about a week. Our radio is damaged and sometimes it doesn't work. However, we should be all right. I love it when a plan comes together.

    For now, this is Austin signing out...