The January 2005 Chiller Theatre convention was held January 7-9, 2005.  It was the smaller of the shows that Chiller puts on each year.  The April and October shows draw huge crowds while the January show drew very few guests.  It could be attributed to the time of the year, January is very cold in NJ.  Plus there weren't many large names to draw fans out.  Howard Sherman, "Bub" from Day of the Dead was the biggest name there.  Gaylen Ross from Dawn of the Dead was also in attendance along with Angela Bettis from May.  The guests were located in the smaller of the 2 usual dealer rooms upstairs.  The main dealer room contained about the same dealers as any other Chiller show.  I attended the Sunday of the show.  Two things I noticed from the start, the first is that they now charge 3 dollars to park.  The other is that the crowd was very small.  No lines for nothing, which was good, but doesn't give a good feeling if you're the promoter.  Below are my pictures from the show.


Angela Bettis and I.

Gaylen Ross

"Bub" himself Howard Sherman