Next in line to any fan's love for their favorite movie is their collection of movie memorabilia.  Collecting items associated with your favorite film, team, hobby etc., is almost as important as the interest itself.  Dawn of the Dead was released before the big boom of movie tie in products that has plagued every movie since.  Sure there were some t-shirts, posters, making of magazines and even a board game, but it would take almost 20 years for DOTD to receive the product treatment of most movies released since then..  Since 1998 there has been an explosion of DOTD memorabilia ranging from DVDs, t-shirts, glassware, posters, figures and anything that can have DOTD's logo slapped on it.  
        My love for this movie has reached levels not matched by many thanks to my extensive collection of DOTD related paraphernalia.  The links below will help you see just how much DOTD is back in the spotlight not only on DVD but in just about all of the merchandising available to most fans today.

items Collected

Theatrical Ed.
Director's Cut
Argento Cut
Document of the Dead
German Version
German 2003 DVD
2 Disk R2
4 Disk UK Box Set
Japanese DVD

In Print
Picture Book
Poster Book
Magazine Articles

Art Work
Flyboy Art
Flyboy Bust

Dawn Has Arrived
Poster Print
B&W Poster
Logo w/ Back
Let's Grab A Bite

MM CD Case
MM Newspapers
MM Shopping Bag
Beer Glasses

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