From Friday April 27th until Sunday April 29th the Pittsburgh Comicon took over the Monroeville Expomart.  Artists from all genres were there, the creator of the Green Lantern, Frank Miller and many more showed up.  Playmates were there, Star Wars characters and of course the cast of Dawn of the Dead.  So, if you don't mind, I'd like to tell you the tale of my weekend with the cast of Dawn of the Dead.

Day 1:
    April 27, 2001
    Pam and I left Shippensburg at 6am.  We made it to Monroeville around 9 and checked into the Radisson.  We wandered over to the MM for some lunch before the con opened up at 2pm.  Afterwards we went downstairs and got in line for tickets, and were the second to get them.  Once we got in we headed to the CBLDF (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund) table for our Mall tour tickets and a limited edition Dawn of the Dead print.  Next, it was time to meet the cast.  I've met most of them before and they remembered me and those who didn't quickly became familiar w/ my presence there.  Ken Foree, Scott H. Reiniger, David Emge, Taso Stravrakis, Jim Krut, Lenny Lies, Nick Tallo, Marty Schiff and David Early comprised the Dawn section.  
    I chatted with them, got their autographs and just got to know them.  They were all just content to sit there and talk about anything with Pam and I.  They asked us where we were from and took an instant liking Pam and myself.  Pam was especially taken w/ Scott, she loved him.  Her and Scott would crack jokes and even Ken got in on it.  Ken was fighting a cold all weekend and still stood there and signed stuff for everyone.  
    Went up the penthouse w/ David Emge and Early, Scott and Chris to a party and had a blast just standing around and talking.  Thanks guys, you're the best.  

Day 2:
    April 28, 2001
    We went on the first MM tour w/ the cast at 9am.  It was great to see their faces when they walked into the mall for the first time in 23 years.  After the tour, while they were doing the second tour we went back into the show room and hung out w/ Chris the Greek and a few other people.  I met Miss February 95 Lisa Marie Scot, she's such a nice girl and very beautiful.  Then I met Playmate of the Year '95 Julie Cialini, both girls I got their respective Playboy issues and a picture with each.  Once again we migrated to the cast where we chatted some more, got more video and pictures taken.  
    This time Pam was in the MM shopping and I was left alone w/ the cast.  But they were more then happy to chat w/ me and other fans.  Me and the Greek hung out someone, I can't say enough good things bout that guy, he's awesome.  Lenny Lies and Jim Krut always had something funny to say and I'll tell you what they're a funny group of guys.  Lenny and I must have talked about everything all day.  At 8pm there was a showing of Dawn in the movie room and who'd I sit next to, none other then Lenny Lies himself.  We chatted during the movie, I asked questions, he answered, we joked and laughed for two hours.  Jim came in late and sat behind us.  Dawg, sorry I didn't see you until Sunday in the Mall, you're a nice man, thanks for the book and the autograph.  
    For those of you who don't know this, but Scott is a maestro on the piano.  Scott, Jim, Lenny, David Early, Taso, Chris and I were in the hotel lobby and Scott was on the piano just playing his heart out.  I felt bad for Taso, he drove 28 straight hours by himself from Florida to Monroeville to make the show and he was tired, but he went up to the penthouse with us and partied.  Thanks guys for a wonderful and memorable evening and weekend.

Day 3:
    Sunday April 29, 2001 The Last Day
    We got up early and checked out of the hotel and went back to the show to talk about the weekend and say our final good-byes :(.  We took our final pictures and video footage with the guys and shook hands and said good-bye.  David and Scott gave Pam a hug and a kiss good-bye, she loved it, and Jim hugged her too. Thanks guys, you made my girlfriend's convention memorable.  My final thanks goes out to Mike Shiley: Mike thanks for everything this weekend, you made it one to be remembered for ever and remember my offer for the next con is still open, just let me know, thank you.  

Now for Pam's view on the whole weekend, click here.

Mall Tour with the cast of Dawn of the Dead

Pictures from the weekend

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