The third Horrorfind Weekend was in a new location then the previous two years.  The Marriott in Hunt Valley Maryland is now the new home to one of the fastest growing conventions on the east coast.  This was the largest Horrorfind show to date and it did not disappoint.  More celebrities, movies, and events had this weekend jam packed.  
    Friday afternoon was not only a nice day outside but inside as well.  The previous two shows, the celebrities were jammed into a little room, this year, they had a nice large room.  Celebrities included: Gunnar Hanson, Doug Bradley, Ken Foree, Karl Hardman, Marylyn Eastman, Kyra Schon, Russ Streiner, Bill Hinzman, John Russo, Judith O'Dea, Alice Cooper to name a few.  The Ladies of the Evil Dead were on hand all weekend were a joy to talk to.  I walked around, met some celebrities, hung out with friends Kyra Schon and Ken Foree for most of the night and even met up with some new friends off the internet.      
    Saturday was off the wall packed to the brim full of fun.  The day was full of seminars, most notably the one from Anchor Bay, which premiered the new documentary from the new Day of the Dead 2 disc DVD.  The show room was packed with people attending the show.  Most of the day was spent hanging out with some old friends and some new.  The end of the night saw the 3rd annual costume contest.  There were a lot of very well crafted costumes, a lot of the costumes were creatures of some sort on stilts.  The winner of the contest was a costume called "Demon Ape" the costume was from some special effects company that does haunted houses and such.  The panel of celebrity judges had a good time, especially because they kept getting more and more drinks served to them as the costumes came across the stage.  
    Ken and me have a habit of going to the bar after the shows close that we're at.  This one was no exception.  After having a few drinks after the costume contest we and our new friend, Alex, all went out for a late night dinner at a nice Italian place down the road.  Alex then left after dinner to drive home and Ken invited me to the celebrity party up in one of the sweets.  Among the celebrities were the Ladies of the Evil Dead, Eileen Deetz, Doug Bradley, Gunnar Hanson and Alice Cooper.  I figured this would be my only chance to meet Alice so I asked Eileen if she would ask Alice to take a picture with me.  From talking to Eileen earlier in the day, she was more then happy to obliged.  So she asked Alice if he would take a picture with me and he said yes.  I told him that Kyra was a friend of mine and that she was going to be mad that she missed this, so that led into a conversation about all different types of movies, mostly Stephen King.  Alice is a very down to earth person, you wouldn't expect that just by his looks but he is.
    Sunday was the final day of the show.  Finally my friends Lee and Renee showed up, they were delayed coming up from Georgia and only made it to the show that day.  While hanging out with them, we all walked around and gathered autographs that I waited all weekend to get and we both had some good laughs with the celebrities.  Then as the show was closing, I said good bye to Kyra and Ken and everyone else that I met, I have decided that next year, I'm entering the costume contest, I have never entered one so this should be fun, until next year....

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