Being as Horrorfind is only an hour from my house, it's hard to not get excited about a convention of this scale.  No long trips in the car, one hour and you're back home if you forget something and just far enough away the hotel stay is worth it.  This was the fourth Horrorfind Weekend convention and like the previous shows, it topped the others.  No other show got me so excited to be around people so much.  I deal with people on a daily basis, I work at a bank, so the public is always seeing me in a shirt and tie.  That weekend was a weekend for me to let my hair down (if I could put it up in the first place) and let people see the real me.  The one who loves to see someone get eaten by a zombie, and to become the total zombie nerd that I suppress for 40 hours a week.
    The lineup for this show was the all stars of the all stars.  Everyone from legends Romero, Savini, Dee Wallace and others all the way down to the newcomers, Angela Bettis (May).  How can't someone get excited to see old friends and meet new ones.  I've been going to conventions now for 5 years and each one gets better.  The people become nicer, there's also more of them, and bonds with friends get tighter.  I met friends from as close by as an hour away, and as far away as Germany and Japan.  Horror has no boundaries, color, race, religion and country do not exist at these gatherings.  All three days were new days to meet new people, buy more stuff you don't need, pay 3 dollars for a soda and many more.  
    Nights were filled with fun events, costume contests, seminars, movie shows and parties.  The events were out of this world and the drinks nice strong.  Parties were loud, people were drunk, and everyone had a smile on their faces.  I had the great fortune of hanging out with Gary Klar, Steele from Day of the Dead.  He plays the asshole in the movie but in real life is Steele's total opposite.  Not only did he remember my name after the first time I met him. In a room full of celebrities, he took the time to talk to me.  He is Gary to me, not Steele, a man that told me to call him friend, which is something I will do forever.  
    So please enjoy the pictures below, they are only but snap shots of a weekend that will be hard to top.   

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