August may have no Federal holidays but it does have the next best thing, Horrorfind Weekend.  Each August for me is a time that can only be described by comparing it to a child waiting for Christmas.  Ever see "A Christmas Story?"  You know the one where Ralphie wants an "Official Red Ryder bolt action air rifle," well I can best be described as Ralphie.  Thankfully this year Horrorfind was from the 11th till 13th, so I didn't have to wait too long.  Once again the show was housed at the lovely Hunt Valley Marriott, this venue has to be the best place to hold a convention.  One thing that was different about this year was the amount of celebrities that had to cancel.  These cancellations weren't just because of illness or filming, the week prior to the show was the week that the plot to explode planes above American soil was stopped by the authorities.  This caused massive headaches for anyone traveling, let alone overseas.  Rutger Hauer, Adrienne Barbeau were some of the casualties of that foiled plot, this left a big hole in the celebrity line up that usually packs the house.  Luckily, George Romero was there and kept the lines long along with the other great celebrities.  Greg Nicotero, Ken Foree, Joe Pilato, Tom Atkins, Dee Wallace Stone, Jack Ketchum, Cerina Vincent were a few that headlined the show.