News Update


    This is Nick Thomson for WGON, I hope this tape finds you well and safe as yet I have no form of personal communication. Since the beginning of this incomprehensibly bizarre situation, my crew and myself have been on the run from the zombies. After our local station was taken over, we fled in one of the few news trucks. Since we fled, we have unfortunately lost one of our men; Felix Schobe was ceased by these monsters and bitten on the arm. Since he was bitten, he has fell victim to this disease and we were forced to leave him for dead. By now, we regret that he may have already become one of them.

    Not long after we were forced to abandon Felix Schobe, our news truck was run off the road after a near collision with an overturned tanker on the motorway between my local county and the small town of Ross-on-Wye. Incidentally, I myself have originally come from this area and was able to guide my crew to a safe point where we could safely hide from the advancing hoards of these creatures that followed our every move.

    The safest point in the whole town is the local High School, which stands at the top of the area. Originally built at the beginning of the Cold War, The John Kyrle High School was constructed for two purposes. One to act as a normal educational facility, the other as a nuclear fallout station in the event of nuclear attack. As a result of this, I knew this would be the ideal hiding place to survive from these creatures as the original building is very strong and capable of surviving a nuclear blast, therefore, we should be safe inside.

    I led my crew to the building on foot from the motorway down the road from the school. It was a long run, but we were soon at the building. Fortunately, the front entrance was still open. Obviously, the school had been abandoned somewhere near the beginning of this breakout and the caretaker had never locked up.

    We entered the building, and closed the door. However, we did not have access to the keys. But, having previously been a pupil at the school, I was able to find the caretaker's office with ease and gain access to the keys. Having wrestled with them for some time, we were able to find the skeleton key for all the doors in the school. Fortunately for us, there were not too many main doors to secure. However, with the building being quite large, we had to secure the building quickly as the hoards of zombies outside were beginning to gain on us via access through the sports field and parking area.

    Having locked all the doors in the building that led out on to the outside, my crew and I were able to take a minute to think of a plan of strategy. We figured, scenes as we were unable to reach any mode of transport outside what for the zombies, we would stay in the school until the advancing armies outside gave up and went in search of someone else further down the town.

    My first plan of action at this point was to spray paint the windows on all the main doors. I figured that if they couldn't see us for sure, they might give up quicker. Having had been a keen art student in my school days, I knew where the excess art supplies were kept. Fortunately, these were kept in the basement of the building, which, in a desperate case, would provide an ideal final hiding place from the zombies should an attack on the building occur. Using assorted dark coloured paints, my crew and myself split up, spraying over the main windows and doors on the ground floor. Soon, this job was done and we were safe. At least for a while. Having seen these monsters in action back at the local station, we decided to doors had to be secured. Of course, being a school, ample wood was available. Both from the technology department and the table tops from the classrooms on the first floor. Fortunately, the woodwork department had always been kept thoroughly well supplied for many years and we were able to find a small amount of tools as well as screws and nails. For now, it seemed we were going to be okay.

    My other crewmembers, having not been pupils of this school were in no knowledge of any food supply. However, despite the canteen being on the ground floor and being one of the weakest points, my cameraman suggested we use trolleys to wheel as much food out of there as possible and store it on the first floor. We agreed and conducted this quickly as we could see some of them outside approaching the building through small gaps in the spray painting. We took nearly all the food to my recollection from the canteen and wheeled it through the main corridor. I suggested we take it somewhere on the first floor, and that the Sixth Form Department would be ideal. Having spent two years in the Sixth Form in my time at the school, I remembered there being sofas, a microwave with small kitchen and basic utilities as well as an old snack machine. At least in my time. However, they were still there, and we were able to set up a makeshift home there for a while taking some more soft seating from the teacher's lounge down the hall to make beds. With the Sixth Form being in an ideal position to see across the entire back yard of the school, we were able to view more and more of those monsters leading each other in through the back gates. Hopefully the doors would hold, but we figured they should what with being very solid and embedded in concrete surrounding. For now, we had to wait it out, but we were feeling it was going to be a long wait. During our time here, I have become very sure of another presence here, but I am as yet unsure of this fact. Whether it is someone else in this building hiding somewhere below in the basement, I donít yet know. Or maybe weíre just going mad. I donít know.

    We have been here for five days so far and the army outside is still sniffing around for us. They might even have figured a way around the barricades, but I hope not. I could swear to god that I've gone through everything on my morning walks through the school. We must have covered everything. But in this situation, paranoia sets in fast.

    The next task was to make contact with the outside world. The telecommunications tower on top of the main building had to still be working, we could hear it humming at night, but we were still yet to find any form of communication to work. The phones were all dead, the wires were rotted through in the cellar when we went and checked.

    For now, this is Nick Thomson of the WGON news group reporting from the Hillsbury County area with my crew, Gareth Ryder and Tyler Edwards. Hopefully someone will find this tape. But when they do, I hope I'm not around to see it in that case.