We apologize for our lack of communication over the past week or so, this has been the first opportunity we have had to contact you.

    As you know the WGON foreign correspondent team have not been able to come back to America, the government here have adopted a "no-one comes in and no-one goes out" policy since the crisis fearing that the phenomena is contagious. The British army has strictly governed all ports, airports and even the Euro tunnel in an attempt to stop the crisis in America repeating itself here.

    Over the past week or so though, news has been coming in from around the country reporting stories similar to those in America at the start of the crises. These reports have grown in number dramatically over the week and now the whole country is gripped in panic and confusion. The whole of Great Britain is suffering as the phenomena swiftly spreads, the army report of huge casualties and skirmishes in most towns between themselves and the undead. In less affected towns mass riots and lootings are taking place, and in Portsmouth it was reported that the army actually opened fire on citizens desperately trying to get a place on the ocean liners that were docked there and thought to be ready to set sail, though the government deny this and say they are still stopping ships and planes entering and leaving the country.

    At the moment, the WGON team and myself are barricaded on the top floor of a six story building just on the outskirts of London city centre. A couple of days ago we were waiting with about ten thousand refugees in the large football ground known as Wembley that had been converted into a large rescue station. The army assured us all we would be safe there, but yesterday the undead over ran them and poured into the stadium, unfortunately our cameraman Ben Middleton died in the incident. The rest of us managed to escape to this building where we barricaded ourselves in with the aid of Lt Natasha Williams who escaped with us. The building is the headquarters for the radio station "Talk Sport", and although it is secure with food many people outside and around the country are dying as the phenomena quickly overtakes the country. Even though we are barricaded in on the top floor we do have access to the roof and the antennae’s they hold, so even though we have no way of sending pictures we should be able to carry on reporting to you over the radio, as I speak our radio and sound engineers, Stan Davies and George Woodward are attempting to hook up the antennae so we can listen to the police and army and other groups to try and get a picture of what is happening here.

    Earlier today I managed to contact Simon Moore by mobile phone an army general who has been put in charge of the crisis committee, he told me that the phenomena seems to be spreading far more quickly than it did in America and Britain’s tight gun laws have been blamed as citizens have not been able to protect themselves.

    The crises here seems to be quickly gaining momentum and is becoming as serious as the crises in America, even as we look out of the windows here we see the streets covered with the undead, and in the distance fires can be seen and the sound of army gunfire can be heard.

    More news will be sent as soon as any developments are made.

Carl Hutchins, foreign correspondent reporting for WGON in London...