Probably one of the most sought after Dawn of the Dead collectables.  The novel released at the time of the movie has become a rare item, especially one in pristine condition like the one I have.  The book follows the movie, but like the script has things that aren't in the movie.  In the book Fran has a dog Adam, and the book has the movie ending where they escape at the end.  The hardcover comes with the jacket art above and is about 190 pages long.  I've seen this go online for about 60 dollars, and there was no way I was going to pay for that.  Pam found this copy online for me, the only one the place had that was in good condition, so she ordered and had it sent to my house without my knowing about it until it arrived.  I couldn't believe that not only did she find it but she got it for me and sent it to me.  Thanks dear!