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   My in-depth report on how to make your rations last up to three times longer then you would expect...


Stay Alive: Make food last.

        So you need to make your limited supply of food last long enough to get more?  Follow these tips to make your food last 2 to 3 times longer then you'd expect. 
    If you are alone:
        1.  Eat only 2 meals a day.  Once when you wake up to give you energy to start the day if needed.  If the day isn't going to be eventful as in going out exploring, then skip this meal.  If the day is packed, eat once waking up.  The second meal should either before going out to explore or early to mid-evening. 
        2.  Only eat until you begin to feel full.  Don't over indulge thinking you can eat more so you can skip a meal, stop once you start to feel full. 

   If in a group:
        1.  Follow above instructions, keep rationing to each individual to a minimum.  Don't use the same portions as you would in the above situation.  Cut portions by 1/3, to keep everyone satisfied and amount of food up.
        2.  Go exploring in shifts and keep activity if at all possible to a minimum.