We Remember...

With the zombie crisis continuing to escalate, we have received information on the expiration of several prominent journalists, celebrities and politicians.  We here at WGON feel the need and obligation to mourn and celebrate our fallen compatriots, and wish them a safe journey for whatever awaits them in death...god bless. 

Stephen Andrews   
Philadelphia, PA
    Stephen was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.  His parents, who were both school teachers found education very important.  They had hoped Stephen would attend college and get a PHD, but Stephen wanted a life of glitz and glamour.  He did take courses in communications, learning Morse code and other important aspects he would need for his career in the television industry.  He decided to take a job at WGON TV as the lead traffic reporter.  Stephen never married, he was involved with Francine Parker, who was pregnant with their unborn child.  
    In a desperate attempt to save the lives of his friend Peter, Francine and himself, he was killed at the hands of the undead.  Stephen will be missed by his colleagues at WGON, Francine, Peter and those who knew him best.  
    Stephen, you shall be missed, may you rest in peace, away from all of the madness that you left behind, along with the love that was left.  

Tom Brokaw    author_photo.jpg (11239 bytes)
New York, NY    
    One of the most revered broadcasters in television news history has been pronounced dead according to the API.  Thomas Brokaw born February 6, 1940 in Webster, South Dakota was pronounced dead after what was described as "an encounter with the living dead."  Survived by his wife, Meredith, daughters Sarah, Audrey and Jennifer.  Tom will most be remembered for being the first American to interview former USSR president Mikhail Gorbachev, as well as being the only American network anchor present at the collapse of the Berlin Wall. 

Los Angeles, CA        
    Popular boy band N'SYNC came to a tragic end at the hands of their loyal fans while at a local Wal-Mart to promote their new album "Celebrity."  As the boys signed autographs for their fans, the crowd of girls outside the store became unruly.  A stampede ensued towards the entrance of the store resulting in the death of 3 young females.  When the commotion was heard the band was escorted to their bus behind the store.  Reports are sketchy but the events that followed are horrific.  The three females that were killed, revived before the paramedics arrived, everyone thought they were fine until the girls turned on the crowd, biting an estimated 30 people before the store cleared out.  
    The band not knowledgeable as to what was going on outside stayed in their bus.  The girls, "remembering," where the bus was somehow got in the bus and the boys, not knowing many hand to hand techniques were quickly overtaken.  The girls were seen leaving the bus with various body parts and a copy of the new Cd in their other hand.   

Peter Jennings    abc_jennings_peter_991101_n.jpg (7497 bytes)
New York, NY
Again, we here at WGON feel a great sorrow with the loss of another broadcasting icon.  WABC anchorman Peter Jennings has passed in this latest event, while not a direct zombie attack, is a related casualty to the phenomenon that is occurring.  After leaving ABC studios in NY, Jennings limousine was seen to vear off the pavement due to zombie activity in the streets and then collided with a concrete structure at which point it burst into flames;  killing Jennings and his driver.  Survived by his wife, Kayae Freed Jennings, he will most be remembered for his work in Beirut and his anchor responsibilities for WABC.