The Shelby Township Team

Jesse Burchett – Team Leader

Kenny Deel – Swat Member

Isaiah Sonjeow – Technician

Ron Lenders – Civilian

    What started at as a small incident has now turned into a national crisis. And were right in the middle of it. Each day seems like an eternal nightmare. I don’t know how much longer me or my team can keep our sanity. I can tell Ron is losing it. When I decided that we would be moving from our "fort", he flipped out. I can’t really blame him though, he is just a civilian that we picked up on our way. If I witnessed my family being torn limb from limb I guess I would be a little on edge too.

    The decision to move came from the three original team members: Me, Kenny, and Isaiah. We are running low on supplies and I am not sure how safe our little fortress is anyways. It really isn’t much of a fort, more like a deserted office building. It gave us a safe place to stay for the first week or so, but then everything went wrong. The walking dead are always a constant threat, but we have had the most trouble with humans. People just don’t understand that fighting amongst ourselves does no good at all in the war against the dead.

    Ron got his first taste of actual combat against humans when some pricks tried to steal our supplies. Our only option was kill or be killed. It makes me sick to think that we have had to kill our own kind because of their greed. I have no problem with sharing with others. But I do have a problem when people are taking shots at me with intent to kill. Me, Kenny, and Zay (Isaiah) all have been in combat situations before, so the ragtag group of raiders didn’t really pose a threat. Fortunately, we came away unharmed. Just another obstacle to add the endless list that we have faced so far.

    It was decided that we will move tomorrow at the break of dawn. Kenny is going to hot wire one of the cars in front of the office building. And we are going to pray that it has enough fuel to get us somewhere safe. The zombies shouldn’t really pose a threat as we are well armed. But I have seen many well armed men ripped to shreds by a large group, so we still need to be extra cautious. I just hope that all will go as planned tomorrow……