The Statue of Liberty Team

Alexandria De Fabiis - Team Leader

Paul Burke - US Navy SEAL

Tom Ryan - Assistant Manager at WGON

Nick Davies - Technician at WGON

            Finally we have stopped at a location that is now fortified and that is good enough to try and survive and for me to send in a report.

          We left our once normal lives at WGON to go on the run and take refuge from the walking dead. I had no idea that it would

get so out of control and that the hordes of undead would engulf WGON like a

sandwich. Sometimes it seems like a dream.  But I realize that it is not.

            Well it was almost 8:00 PM when we left from our station in Harrisburg, PA.

Me, 2 work colleagues, and a friend of mine who is a Navy SEAL met up a little before

the undead attacked us. I was working when everything was going to hell. So was Tom,

one of the WGON station managers, and Nick one of our technicians. We had been good friends

over the years and we figured it would be best to stick together in the station during

all of the craziness. About ten minutes to eight my friend Paul came in. Paul has been

a friend of mine for years and we were always there for each other. When he got to the

door the door man was giving him a hard time. I advanced and got him in. He approached

me and my companions and told us that he had an old Vietnam helicopter on the roof

and that we should leave town while we can. He was right. Not more than five minutes later

we saw the undead creatures burst in through the WGON station doors and attack whoever

was in site. I saw some of my colleagues eaten and some that fled aimlessly. Tom, Paul, Nick,

and I ran and headed straight for the roof. There I saw this old, rusty pile of metal

that vaguely took the shape of a chopper. But Paul told me that not only he had the idea

to run out. The majority of the Navy base took choppers and jets and took off leaving there

friends, family, and comrades behind them.

            We flew for hours and we were low on fuel. I had fallen asleep for a few hours. It

had been the only time I felt safe enough to sleep. When I awoke I couldn’t figure out where I

was. Then hearing the buzzing of the chopper blades I remembered and thought of all the people

we left behind to be devoured. I felt a million different things at once. I was afraid for

us, I was sad for all of my friends and family that I left, and I felt ashamed for leaving

them. As I was waking up Paul, who was flying the chopper told us that we would have to

land soon for fuel. We were hoping to find a place before that so we could relax. We all needed

a break.

            It was just after dawn and I could see the New York skyline. New York apparently

wasn’t doing much better than Philly or anywhere else. We could see clouds of smoke in the sky

from fires. As we passed over Manhattan overhead we could see not just the undead walking the

streets and claiming it as there own, but we could see people rioting and looting stores.

In all of this how could these people be worried about getting a TV set or setting a store on

fire? It was disgusting. I couldn’t tell if all the bodies in the streets were from the undead

attacking or from the gang bangers or the looters shooting innocent people.  Not one of us said anything to each other, but we were all thinking the same thing. This is the end for us all.

            We looked all over the city for a place to stay. And then, crossing over the Hudson River

we saw in the distance a green speck. We flew over to get a closer look. We then found our now

safe sanctuary. The one symbol of once was in our world. The Statue of Liberty. As we flew

overhead we could see zombies on the island. But we thought, if we get rid of this, there cant

be any more. We'll be on an island. We finally had a bit of luck.

            We looked for a good place to land. One that had a sparse number of the zombies so we could get out and make a break for the statue. If we could get to her, we could go to the top and hold up for a while. Then worry about cleaning the island clean.

Paul, who had brought quite an arsenal with him, told everyone to take a rifle. I looked

next to myself and saw a bag with about 15 rifles. The majority was M16's but there was an occasional hunting rifle in the bag. We all grabbed a weapon and prepared to land. As we lowered to the ground I could see the zombies approaching slowly. I wanted to panic but I couldn’t.

We had to protect each other.

As soon as we landed, Paul hopped out. He then gave the signal for us all to run. Tom leapt out followed by Nick and then me.  The gunfire would have been unbearable under normal circumstances, but it was muffled out by the groans of the zombies, and the gunfire across the river in Manhattan. We shot uncontrollably at the zombies as we ran for the door to the statue.

My aim wasn’t that great but that was the least on my mind. I just wanted to get inside and be safe. Paul, who was breed for this, was even looking upset. We all were scared.

            Finally we made it to the metal doors. Luckily they were unlocked but they had no handles. We fought and fought to get the door open as the undead army approached. It seemed like an eternity, but after a tug of war with the opened. We ran inside and slammed the door behind us. The huge metal doors had big metal latches on them. Tom closed the locks. We were in, and safe for now.

            The doors were definitely strong enough o hold of the zombies for a long time if not forever. We sat down and decided it was time to relax.

            It was the next morning when I awoke. I could hear noises up the stairs leading to Lady Liberty's Torch. I jumped up, grabbed my M16 and went to see what it was. I couldn’t find anything then out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow. I almost leapt out of my skin. Where were all my freinds, what was that shadow, and what was I going to do?

            As I went to check out what the shadow was, it leapt out at me. I let out a loud scream and began hitting it. It was a zombie! His face was ripped apart, exposing his skull and he was missing a hand. I pushed it away and picked up my gun. I aimed and went to shoot when a bullet pierced it head. I turned around to see Paul behind me. I thanked him and we all decided to check out the rest of the statue before anything else.

            It took us about 2 hours to check the entire building. We found 6 strays all together.

After we killed them all we climbed up to the top to look out the torch. As we looked down we could see Manhattan in the distance, a few choppers that flew overhead, who were probably deserters like us, and the zombies below us on the island.

            As long as we have the doors shut we should be all right for a while. We have a restaurant in the building, but it won’t last for long. Eventually we will have to go out and kill the zombies outside. Then we can get food from other restaurants, and set up camp on the island.

But for now we will stay inside, nice and safe.

            That is all for my report for now. Hopefully it will be received and we can bring an end to all of this madness. The next time I report it should be all clear outside, and we should have camp set up. I warn everyone out there to be careful and try to protect yourself as best a possible. Do not underestimate these creatures. They are dangerous and should be approached with caution. So until my next report, stay safe and kill the bastards.


                                    This is reporter Alexandria Defabiis signing of for now...