Below are pictures from the TV station that was used as WGON in Dawn of the Dead.  It hardly looks like it did 26 years ago, mainly because of it going from an independent station to a FOX affiliate.  There have been 2 buildings added but the station is still there, just not as large.  The control booth where you see Givens trying to get people to stay and work for "triple pay" is now gone.  It has been replaced with a wall.  The stairs where you see Gaylen look down from, those are behind a wall and no longer look into the studio.  The red carpet room is still there, although no carpet, it went from an old control room to storage and is now an office.  So enjoy

This is the door where Flyboy gets asked for his badge before entering the studio.  This used to lead into the studio but there is another hallway between this and the studio now.

Trying to catch all the action happening between Dr. Berman and Mr. Foster

Stay tuned to you want to survive

Original track lights, if you look closely you can see them in the film

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