Why WGON Zombie Watch.com?  Well I figured that all other Dawn of the Dead sites really told the same thing, I decided to be a little different put a theme from the movie on the site and base the site around that theme.  The TV station from the beginning of the film was an integral part of the whole film.  If Stephen had not been a traffic reporter, then nobody could have escaped and Dawn of the Dead wouldn't have happened.  
    Plus I was curious as to how the station would be reporting on the zombie crisis if it were set in today's time.  How would a news station, with today's technology deal with this crisis.  Knowing how TV is today, all about the ratings, they would send out their best reporters to get a first hand look at the situation.  Since WGON is the only TV station left after the crisis begins, it's not about ratings, it's about survival.  This has turned into the ultimate reality show.  WGON's reporters work hard to bring you close to the action at hand and keep informed on the creature's activities.  
    WGONZombieWatch.com was first thought up on May 15th, 2001 and throughout the summer of 2001 many people have come together to help me put this site together to make sure it is one of the best Dawn of the Dead sites on the Internet.  All the hard work culminated on August 1st, 2001 with the official "rising" of WGONZombieWatch.com.  I've always wanted my own .com from the day I uploaded my first web page I wanted to have a site that was really catchy to people and that made them want to come back and I hope that this page accomplishes that.
    WGONZombieWatch.com will be there throughout the crisis to bring you In-Depth coverage of the crisis that has gripped our planet and has made humanity come together against the greatest evil this planet has ever faced.