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Good Evening and Welcome to WGON Zombie Watch

WGON Zombie Watch.com is committed to bringing you my unique perspective and views of George A. Romero's seminal classic Dawn of the Dead. 

What's new

Here's whats happening at WGON Zombie Watch:

Revamped/Relaunch of the website 5/17/10

New pages, graphics, pictures.

Where else you can find me online.

You can find me elsewhere on the Internet at the following websites:

Upcoming Conventions and Events I will be attending

Creator Cookout - Comix Connection June 26, 2010 Mechanicsburg PA

The Last Zombie Comic Book Release Party - July 10, 2010 York PA

Horrorfind Weekend 12 - Sept. 3-5 Gettysburg PA

About WGONZombieWatch.com

WGONZombieWatch.com started out as a little site hosted on AOL in 1999 to show my devotion for Dawn of the Dead.  Within 24 months the site was growing as the internet was taking off with web forums and message boards.  People were telling me how much they enjoyed the site so I decided to go all out and get my own .com and really take the site to the next level.  I spent a whole summer redesigning every page and picture to bring my vision of Dawn of the Dead to everyone.  This site has gone through my incarnations and has had brough many people new insight into Dawn of the Dead through my experiences. 

My goal is to make this website a fun place to stop and learn a few things about Dawn of the Dead as well as share my experiences the film has brought me.

I can be reached at the email below.